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Marble Meadows

Purveyors of Cotswold Sheep, Wool Sculptures, and other Wool Products

Start with sheep that have long lustrous wool, shear the sheep, wash the wool and card it. Now you have the raw material to make beautiful needle felted sculptures. With the right type of felting needles and many hours of work, the wool can be turned into any type of creature imaginable. Birds are my favorite, but I also sculptured chipmunks, groundhogs, fishers, sheep, monkeys, bears, wolves, coyotes, dogs, and others. For Christmas, I have created Santas; for Valentine’s Day, cupids; and for St Patrick’s Day, leprechauns. 

Custom Wool Sculptures

Sculptures of beloved pets

Replicas of favorite animals

A 3 dimensional commemorative of a trip

I have created many custom items.  They make terrific gifts that will be cherished forever. 

If pets are your children, what better way to show your love but with sculptures of your favorite 4-legged friends.  Take them to work and put them on your desk or with the attached loop, they can be hung on a tree or light fixture.  Commemorate a once in a life time trip or event, with a wool sculpture on top of a mantel or beside your television.