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Marble Meadows

Purveyors of Cotswold Sheep, Wool Sculptures, and other Wool Products


My Felted Creations are for sale at these locations

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Plymouth Cheese Factory - Plymouth, Vermont

Gallery at the Vault - 68 Main St., Springfield, VT

Northeast Kingdom Artisans Guild - 410 Railroad St, St Johnsbury, VT

About Us


Crafting unique felted sculptures and rugs while raising a heritage sheep breed, Cotswolds, is a labor of love that our family has been undertaking for over 3 decades. We live in Wallingford, Vermont in a beautiful valley with lush meadows and a view of the Green Mountains. 

Sheep create the ultimate eco-friendly sustainable products. They eat low maintenance material (grass and hay) and convert it into fabulous fleece that can be felted, knitted, crocheted or woven into natural clothing, blankets, and ornaments.

Specializing in preserving their own pasture ecosystem, small flocks of sheep consume and fertilize at the same time. This method of lawn maintenance leaves only one mowing a year to control invasive species of plants that sheep can’t eat.

At Marble Meadows, we practice rotational grazing. Our sheep conserve about 12 acres of pasture. We use portable flexinet fence to keep them in a small area. After they eat down one area, the fence and sheep are moved to another area and so on until all the pasture has been covered. After they finish with the final section, the first section has regrown, and the sheep are moved back to start over again. This method keeps the pasture and the sheep healthy.

As a by-product of this practice, we also create habitat for grassland and ground nesting birds. Birds will even perch on the backs of sheep to gain a higher elevation so they can watch for predators.

It is a joy to walk in the pasture and observe wildflowers. coltsfoot, columbine, blue irises, morning glories and a diverse color array of lilies rivaling any flower garden. Our sheep create their own paradise.  

Sue Carey

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