Marble Meadows

Favorite Creations


Start with sheep that have long lustrous wool, shear the sheep, wash the wool and card it. Now you have the raw material to make beautiful needle felted sculptures. With the right type of felting needles and many hours of work, the wool can be turned into any type of creature imaginable. Birds are my favorite, but I also sculptured chipmunks, groundhogs, fishers, sheep, monkeys, bears, wolves, coyotes, dogs, and others. For Christmas, I have created Santas; for Valentine’s Day, cupids; and for St Patrick’s Day, leprechauns. I felted customized items including pet dogs. All that I need are pictures taken from various angles. e-mail me if you are interested in a quote of a favorite wool felted animal. Here are some of my creations: All are created by me and my own original design. Chipmunk, Woodchuck, Grey Squirrel, Fisher, Sheep, Unicorn, Horse.
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